r&m energy systems
For the following products:

  Moyno Power Section

  Moyno Down Hole Pump Systems

  Moyno Surface Pumps

  Tubing Wear Solutions

  Oilfield Products

      •  Hercules® Wellheads

      •  Hercules® Stuffing Boxes
      •  Hercules® Blow-out Preventors
      •  RODEC™ Dual Ram Integral Flow Tee / B.O.P.
      •  RODEC™ Integral Flow Tee / B.O.P.
      •  Well King™ Back Pressure Regulators
      •  Hercules® Chokes
      •  Hercules® Polished Rod Accessories
      •  StayTite® Swing Joints for Storage Tanks
      •  Hercules® Pumping Flow Tees

  Oilfield Valves and Hammer unions

      •  Hercules® Ball Valves

      •  Hercules® Plug Valves
      •  Hercules® Needle Valves
      •  Magnum® Needle Valves
      •  Yale® Hammer Unions
      •  Hercules® Hopper Valves (PDF)

  Pipeline Products

  Industrial Products

      •  Hamer® Line Blind Valves

      •  Resun® Plug Valves
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